Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Occupation of Albania on 7 April 1939 did not crown the Italian imperial ambitions. After all, Albania was supposed to become merely the bridgehead of the Italian fascism in the Balkans, from which soon further aggressions would be launched against Greece and Yugoslavia. The invaders also had perfect knowledge that - despite of official propaganda about the Italian tutelage being received favourably in the broad circles of the Albanian society - Albanian highlanders would never reconcile with the loss of their freedom. They were actually bound to open a new chapter in the history of the Albanian struggle for independence very soon. Yet, Rome believed that resistance sooner or later would be suppressed, and the rule of the iron fist would, with time, turn the annexated country into a calm overseas province of a modern Roman empire. As the Italians issued from such assumptions, they immediately undertook the efforts to create in Albania a strong and efficient administration. More >>>

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