Sunday, March 31, 2013

Battle of Himara

After the withdrawal of the VI Assault Brigade from the coast Vlora - Saranda, the Supreme Command of the National Liberation Army extended the control of the XII Assault Brigade to the whole area between Gjirokastra and the coast. As the partisan troops required regrouping along stretched positions, their pressure on the German forces eased. The German command decided to use the lull in the fights to regroup in southern Albania, and especially reinforce their garrisons along the coast - in Shenvasi near Saranda, in the castle of Borsh and on the Qeparoi Mountain, in Spile near Himara, and in Llogara. The goal of those reinforcements was to enable free movement of troops along the coastal road Vlora - Himara - Saranda and clear the region of Kurvelesh of the partisan forces. More >>>

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