Sunday, May 27, 2012

Yugoslavia: A shattered kingdom

The Kingdom of Yugoslavia emerged from the First World War in 1919, when the Serbs exploited their political weight, as a member of the victorious Entente, to unite South Slavs under the rule of the dynasty of the Karadjordjevićes. That state of the matters remained unchanged throughout the inter-war period; a particularly acute problem at that time posed so-called Croatian question. During the 1930's quickly grew economical dependency on foreign factors; Balkan food products and tobacco at that time found a very attractive market in Germany. Politically, however, the strongest ties were those with France. How dangerous in its consequences was the economical dependency on the German Reich, transpires from the assessment of the situation by prime-minister Dragiša Cvetković: Economically, Yugoslavia was completely dependent on Germany, and remained a self-governing state only by name. In the summer of 1940, after the military collapse of France, the pro-German orientation prevailed. More >>>

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